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Bob Meyer: Links


An avant garde jazz duo tour de force featuring Bob Meyer and saxophonist Travis Sullivan.
Here's the website of John Abercrombie. Take a visit and see some of what he's been up to.
Denman Maroney's website
On Denman's website you can click on the link Alt.Timers to here some vignette's of our music!
Bob Meyer- CD Baby Music Store

Here is where you can hear and buy my new CD.

Earbits Radio

This up and growing site was started by my good friend and former student Yotam Rosenbaum.

 It's worth checking out!

Hudson Valley Jazz Festival 2013
Istanbul Agop Cymbals

I am delighted to exclusivly use and endorse these wonderful Turkish made cymbals.

In my experience they are the very best ymbals being produced today.

Rich Sticks

Just started working with these fine folks to design my own stick. The first results are fantastic and I'm looking forward to the final design and product. The quality is unbeatable.

Aquarian Drum Heads

I've been with these fine folks for a long time.

 Love their drumheads and use them whenever I use anything other then calf heads on all my drums.